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The Mentorship Programme

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The Mentorship Programme

The mission of the Mentorship Programme is to totally transform both your trading and your life for the better. To accomplish this mission, you must be prepared to invest in yourself in many ways. While investing in your trading education is a big step financially, we are confident that your returns will be huge when you commit to investing your time & best effort and approach the program with an intense desire to transform into the best version of yourself. This is a process you will engage in over the next year and does require careful consideration.

Regardless of your previous trading experience, students will work with our coaches to define specific objectives to meet during the programme and create a customised curriculum to help them reach those objectives. This programme is unique because each student comes from a different history, and will also have different trading goals. Students will complete the learning path online program, attend Monthly group sessions, attend 1-1 lessons, and send weekly reports describing their progress. Coaches will also help guide you to solve all the issues that hold you back in your trading life.

The Core of the Mentorship Programme

The primary mission of Trading College is to help people transform, which we accomplish through the Mentorship Programme. The Mentorship Programme is the most comprehensive and effective way to achieve our mission — and we are able to accept a limited number of qualified, motivated students into this program each year. Mentoring is so much more than just figuring out how to trade more profitably. We are honoured to be such an important part of their transformational journeys, and that we can support their trading goals in this way. No matter what market you choose, or what system you are using – trading is 100% psychological. Your beliefs, mental states, and mental strategies all inform the outcome of your time in the markets.

The Three Steps of the Programme (success method)

Lee Sandford has taken the core elements for successful trading and developed a success method three-step process for the Mentorship Programme. The programme is divided into Mindset,Strategies and Trade Execution,

Step 1: Mindset and Profiling – Focuses on a student’s personal psychology, helping students explore their psychology more thoroughly. Having the right mindset to follow strategies and money management rules is only part of being a successful trader. As human beings we all have emotions and some days don’t feel so great. Managing ourselves is equally important is achieving trading success. We understand this and have recognised that students will have challenges so we work with you to overcome them. Personality profiling is a crucial part of the Mentorship Programme. Students will complete a questionnaire at the very start of the programme and will work with the mentor to discover strength and weaknesses.

Step 2: Strategies and Technical Analysis – Requires students to have a thorough understanding of the charts, indicators and strategies. In addition to these basic tenets, students will become proficient in the basics of position sizing and risk management. One of the first lessons of the programme involves understanding processes for each strategy. However, before students accomplish this they must thoroughly understand the concepts in order to make sure that they fit them.

Step 3: Transition from Demo Account to Live Trading – Execution teaches students how to manage your trades. Going from demo trading too quickly can be harmful to your trading account. You will be guided and supported all the way through the process of live trading with real money. Your account and confidence will grow as you act on open trades with certainty. We know that trading is 100% psychological so support at this level from your mentor is crucial for long term success.

Other requirements

Journaling – Students work on creating their personal trading business plan, tracking their trades, objectives, equity curve, and mistakes. Once a student has demonstrated they can proficiently trade at a high percentage of winning trades, they can transfer this into live markets. Our Trading Journal can highlight what strategies fit the students, reduce mistakes and clearly track all closed and open trades. Our journal is essential for a students trading success, and without it they cannot fully understand their trading personality. When you view your trading as a business, it allows you to cultivate discipline, structure, and a professional approach that fosters consistent and profitable trading. Most people who want to run a successful business know that they need a thorough business plan – and trading is no exception.  A business plan and journal acts as a guide for everything involved with that business, and this applies equally if not more to a trading business.

Our 12-month Trading Mentorship is the best option for anyone serious about becoming a successful and consistently profitable full-time or part-time trader.

Ask our Mentorship Specialist about paying with 0% interest instalments. Spread the cost of your Mentorship over 12 months!



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