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Mentorship Program

The Professional Trader Mentoring Program is a comprehensive 3 months, one-on-one mentoring program designed to move your trading dramatically forward.

The Professional Trader Mentoring Program starts with 2 a week one-hour one-on-one Foundation

Meetings over the Internet with Mallesh. These exciting video meetings are recorded as you can review what has been covered as often as you want.

Foundation Meetings: In one-hour Foundation Meetings over the internet, I teach the trader how to think, trade and handle his capital like a professional trader. First, I make an assessment of a trader’s experience and his challenges. Next, we go through a syllabus of presentations designed to teach the trader exactly what he needs to do to become a successful professional trader.

Together, the trader and I develop a detailed written plan that clearly identifies set-ups, Position Sizing,Risk and loss limits, as well as strategies to exploit winning trades and maximize winning days. The Foundation Meetings are recorded and the trader can confidentially review the meetings and the concepts presented as many times as he likes, whenever he wants.

Twice weekly meetings for 3 Months:

After the four week, four-day-a-week one hour sessions, we will have established our plan and set our goals. For the next 8 weeks , the trader and I will meet twice a week to move his trading forward his Trading Plan.

Once a Week meeting for 3 Months:

In this final phase of the Mentoring Program, the Trader and I will work on the finer points of trade management-Exploiting a runner and importantly, adding to a winner. Lastly, we will make plans for the trader’s long term growth. After the completion of the program, Outlined above, I remain available for ongoing coaching and consultation on a hourly basis.

What I look for in new mentoring traders:

For new mentoring program traders, I look for traders :

  • Who have a good chance of reaching meaningful, consistent success in futures trading.
  • Who I will likely be able to help reach their trading goals.